Plan it.  Map it. Achieve it!

What if I told you that the process of deciding what you want in life, would help you actually get what you want in life?


The simple process of creating a clear vision for your future, is the very tool that will create that future out of nothingness?

Pretty cool right?

So here’s the secret, the tool that mega successes like Tony Robbins, Oprah, and Sara Blakely, the founder of SPANX, have used for decades. It’s free, it’s fun and it works.


In order to bring your perfect life into being, you first need to know what that perfect life looks like.

What do you do each day, where do you live, who are you surrounded by?


Sit down with pen and paper and really delve into the finer details.

In your vision you have a great house?

Okay that’s a start, but you can dig a bit deeper.

What’s the property like?

Do you have a large treed yard, or a pool?

Is it in nestled in the mountains or does it open onto a Caribbean beach?

Is your new home modern and sleek with lots of glass and white walls, or more traditional brick construction, with white shutters and flower boxes?

What do you see when you walk through the front door?

How does it smell?

Walk through your future home in your mind and work out all the finest details, so you can actually picture yourself walking through the door.

Have you started to really see it in your head?

But don’t stop there. There's more to a life than just your home. What charities or causes do you support in the future, and what do you do for them? Who do you love, what do you do each day?


Once you’ve built a pretty picture of what you’d like your life to be, how does that get you closer to making it happen?


Good question. And that’s the really cool part.

Your brain doesn’t like discrepancies between what you visualize and what is your reality. Your mind wants to bring those two worlds closer together, and reconcile the differences. So by aggressively and persistently creating your new mental reality, your mind will actually open up to new possibilities that you may not have otherwise seen.

You will see opportunities you didn’t see before, make choices that you may not have made before, and take chances that you would have backed away from, without this new alternate reality in your head.

It’s a well documented, and studied phenomenon, and the science behind it is fascinating. For a great read into the process, Jack Canfield’s Success Principles is a must read.


Get it on Paper


We've got a FREE vision board kit for you below, to help you get it all on paper and ready to focus on.

Your vision board should serve as a constant reminder of what you’re working towards. You need to spend time with your vision board or vision book, and visualize that ideal future every morning and evening if possible.

Even 5 minutes of focusing on the details will have an impact.


Make sure you DREAM BIG!


We walk you through the entire exercise on the One Step Empire podcast - Episode #6.