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Make this the year that changes EVERYTHING. 

Our “Done with You” Personal Success Blueprint Days are designed to set up your marketing and strategies to propel your business to your biggest year ever!

You've got BIG goals - it's time to finally reach them all!


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It's time to finally reach your goals, and we're making it simple.

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Why do I need a Personal Success Blueprint Day?


To finally dig into all the business development you know you need to get to the next level, but can never find the time for. 

And you will get it done in ONE DAY, with me right by your side, so you don’t get stuck, you stay focused, and get rocketing toward your goals. 

This ONE DAY will set up your entire year for the growth you have been striving for.

So what will we do in our time together?


Your business is one of a kind, just like you, so how much work each of these items needs, will depend on your specific stage of business and goals. 

We will work through each of these steps together, and the plan you walk away with, will be the exact plan YOU need to grow YOUR business.

1. Define Target Market

Who do you want to sell to?  Who have you been selling to? What is the ideal market for your product or service?

2. Build Buyer Personas

Who is your ideal customer?  What do they want? What are thier challenges? What resonates with them?

3. Analyze Your Competition

How do your ideal customers meet their needs?  What are strengths & weaknesses of the alternatives?

4. Business Success Blueprint

What are you selling and how can you test your market to guarantee your success? Gain direct input from your ideal clients.

5. Secret Sauce for Success

What makes YOUR product or service the best choice for your ideal customers?  Tapping into your authentic difference.

6. Refine your Branding

Evaluate your branding and message to ensure alignment with your market, your "secret sauce" and create greater impact.

7. Map Customer Journey

Every point on the journey is an opportunity and we'll unlock dozens of ways you can grow that you have been missing.

8. Create Promotions Plan

This is how you are going to pull it all together and transform information into action so you can finally SMASH YOUR GOALS!

9. Establish Success Measures

Create goals, determine which numbers to track and what will determine whether your plan is working or needs adjustments.

Ready to Smash Your Goals?

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It's all about you!


When you book your Personal Success Blueprint Day, you are booking my time, undivided attention, and expert skills, in order to create a tailor made strategy for your success.

We will spend more or less time on different aspects of your strategy, depending on your current situation, goals and priorities. 

What you walk away with is a one of a kind, custom built plan, for YOUR success!

Your Personal Success Blueprint Day includes:


60 Minute Kick Off Call

Get on your comfy clothes, grab a glass of whatever, and hop on a 60 minute "Kick Off" call.  We’ll book your kick off call at least 5 days before your big day to chat about your goals, your priorities, and the current state of your business, as well as how the actual Success Blueprint Day will run.


Access to your Personal Portal

Your own portal to walk you through everything we need, step by step, to make our day together totally AMAZING.


Success Blueprint Day Dedicated to You

I block off the whole day to work on your project with no distractions, client emergencies, or other pitfalls. I need the same from you.  This is months and months worth of marketing groundwork and strategy, done in one day.  We are going to destroy your marketing "to do" list together!


VIP Support

Following our day together, you will have 30 days to email or message me with any questions that you have about the strategy and work we completed together.  Just because our day is over doesn’t mean you are all alone. Your successful implementation of the plan is my primary goal, so if you aren’t sure, just ask!


60 Minute Implementation Call

4-6 weeks after your Success Blueprint Day we’ll have a follow up call to resolve any other questions or challenges, celebrate your wins, and refine your plan to move forward.


Business Accelerator Course – BONUS!

Our full 6 module Business Accelerator Course (valued at $995) and you get it included for FREE. It includes training videos, worksheets and more, to help with every aspect of your business, from mindset to marketing, and everything in between.  This is my way of making sure you have all the tools you need to keep growing in your own time.


Private Community of Women Founders

You need a village.  You will go further and faster with a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs to support you and cheer you on.  We are excited to welcome you to our fierce community of women founders, just like you.

Get ready to get results...

Book my day!

Limited Availability

It's an opportunity you won't find anywhere else.


Whether you are just getting started, or you've been in business for a few years, this is for YOU!


It's time to cut through the confusion and overwhelm and get really clear, with our Personal Success Blueprint Day!  No more guessing at what you need to do and when. We'll get the exact steps mapped out for you in our day together!

We'll map out the keys to ensure your success, with your own Personal Business Success Blueprint. This one day is the secret to creating the strategies to make THIS the year you reach all of your goals!

Growth is addictive, and once you start seeing results you won't want to stop. So, as a BONUS, we are hooking you up with our private group to collaborate with other women entrepreneurs, and giving you our full Business Success Accelerator Course with the simple steps to create a wildly successful business. No overwhelm, no uncertainty. 

Note: Space is very limited in this program so please inquire well ahead of the date you hope to book.

We want you to create that dream life for yourself and your family.  

No matter what type of business you are in, this Smash your Goals VIP Day will get you fast tracked to the business YOU want to build.  

How much is it worth to finally reach those goals you have been striving for? 

If your sales doubled or tripled, what would that mean for you?

Walk away from our day with your personal plan for success!

An entire year of strategy and planning for only $1895.00

Let's do this!

Nice to meet you!


I'm Kristy, an award winning entrepreneur and marketing and business strategy geek, with a passion for helping women founders.

Working with hundreds of businesses over the years, from soloprenuers to multi-billion dollar corporations, has given me a unique window into the world of marketing and strategy. 

There's not much I love more than solving a problem, and if that problem is how to smash your goals, and create a plan to help your business succeed beyond your wildest goals, then all the better. 

I've built several of my own businesses over the years, including a 7 figure promotions and marketing firm, and I want to put all of that perspective and experience to work in your business, to help you create your own personal plan to make this the year you hit all those big goals!

Why you will love this way of working:

  •  It’s Fast and Efficient.
  •  It’s tailored to YOUR specific business and needs.
  • It's FUN to see your plan unfold before your eyes.
  • It's EXCITING to start with nothing and have a years worth of strategy by the end of the day.
  • It's a COLLABORATIVE process where you get to work directly with me.
  • FLAT FEE  that will create a massive return in your business sales over the year!


So How Does This Work?




We'll book a 30 minute clarity call to talk about your goals,your challenges, and answer your questions.  If the Success Blueprint Day is a good fit for you, we will choose your big day and get you booked!

The $1895 fee includes a 60 minute Kick Off call, your 5 hour Success Blueprint Day, your 60 minute Implementation call, 30 days of support, plus the bonus 6 week Business Accelerator Course and 1 year in our private community and private weekly Step by Step Empire podcast.

Not sure if this is the right fit? Let's schedule a clarity call to see if our process aligns with your expectations.




During the 60 minute kick off call we will go over any questions you have. You will be given the email for direct communication and the link for the Success Blueprint Portal for prep work. The prep-work must be completed 7 days before our day together.




A full 5 hours dedicated to delivering your custom growth strategy and promotions plan. Finally feel confident that you have a plan to get you to your goals faster!




After our day together I will be available to you for a further 30 days of support and feedback regarding the work that we have completed, PLUS you will get a 60 minute Success Steps Recap call and full access to the Business Accelerator Course, as well access to our private Community of Women Founders to cheer you on!

What do I need from you on the day?

I need you to be prepared, focused, and ready to make decisions, so we can go all in on your dreams.

Ready to create massive growth in your business?

(and build your DREAM life?!)

Let's take on the world together.

Book a call and reserve my day!