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Life Out Loud

Martina Kelades

Life Out Loud — Mental Health Consulting & Creatives is a unique service that utilizes a combination of platforms to expand conversations related to mental health and wellness in the workplace and life. Martina is a vulnerability keynote speaker who uses the art of storytelling to create safe spaces for individuals to lean in and find connections with others and within themselves to support their mental health and wellbeing.

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Virtual Duo Consulting

We specialize in helping solopreneur service providers and coaches run their business on autopilot so that they can grow and scale without working more hours ore hiring a huge team.

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The Empress Magick

  • Psychic medium and manifestation coach!
  • We offer all types of services in the psychic realm, mediumship (connect with your past on loved ones) and manifestation coaching and programs.
  • Our company is centered around healing and empowerment for everyone.
  • Our main vision is to help people step into their own power, own their authenticity, and become who they always wanted to be.
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Valerie McTavish

Valerie McTavish helps female entrepreneurs get video confident so they can increase their reach, engagement, and sales using the most powerful marketing tool available – even if they hate getting on camera.

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Lights On

We run leadership training programmes for mothers so they can lead whole family transformation and get everyone switched on for learning what they love and loving what they learn. When you know your family's natural born talent you can invest your personal growth budget where it matters and immerse yourselves in learning with your Lights On®, get in full creation mode and explore your exponential potential.

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Leslie Kuster

Leslie Kuster is the money and freedom guide for women entrepreneurs over 45. Her new book, 7 Keys to 7 Figures, The Women’s Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Money and Freedom provides women entrepreneurs seven master keys to unlock a successful, money-making business. Women business owners, who have been struggling to build the business and life of their dreams are given the insights, principles, tools, and steps to claim the freedom and create the wealth they yearn for. 

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Marta Spirk

What would your life and business looked like if you truly learned how to leverage your personality and uniqueness to your advantage?

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Michelle Kaye

We have our everyday software programs that we use all the time. You know how to get the job done, but are you using the easiest or quickest method?

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April Hiatt

I help new coaches and personal brands quickly and cost-effectively create lead-generating websites that attract your ideal client and work FOR you 24/7!

Starting your business and creating a website doesn't have to be expensive, hard or scary—and you don't need to know how to code to make a beautiful, lead-generating website! With the right tools and training, you can manage your business and your website... without spending a fortune doing it.

I take the frustration and overwhelm out of the website set-up and teach you exactly how to get your business started… So you feel confident to build the business of your dreams and know exactly how to do it!"

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Michelle Pontvert

Michelle Pontvert is a web designer with 15 years of design experience, specializing in empowering female coaches, consultants and service providers with websites that position them as the go-to expert they are and make connecting with their dream clients a breeze.

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Work-Wife Writers

Work-Wife Writers is a women and LGBTQ+ owned business run by Hannah Abrams and Jessica Lancaster. As a copywriting company, WWW works to provide clients with effective marketing copy that embraces their voice, vision, and values - all while delivering the "work spouse" experience. Whether you need copy for a single blog post, a multi-month email launch, or a brand-new website, WWW has you covered.

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Elisa Mardegan

I help coaches and course creators create a unique marketing strategy with paid ads that complement their organic methods so they can bring in high-quality leads and help more people become everything they are meant to be.


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Jessica Brittani

As an International Mindset Mentor for teens, parents and families and Calm and Colorful Founder, Jessica Brittani, empowers youth and their families with the confidence to love and accept themselves unconditionally, feel comfortable in their skin, and make courageous decisions that lead to independent, positive, and intentional choices. Jessica supports families by helping them build and strengthen relationships within themselves and with each other.


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Donna Dube

Donna Dube, the founder of Productivity Plus, is a certified Director of Operations who focuses on data & measurement.  Her audience is established entrepreneurs who are already running successful companies and are ready to make a bigger impact and maximize their profit by leveraging the power of data, without complex spreadsheets or math. Her VIP Dynamic Data Intensive allows business owners to go from uncertain guesswork to making profitable decisions for their business going forward. Donna's motto is to make data way less dull and her client’s businesses way more profitable!


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Blue Whale Communications

Goodbye Trends, Hello Strategy! 

Blue Whale Communications is a boutique marketing agency helping small-to-medium sized businesses increase exposure and brand recognition through unique content marketing strategies, using blogs, newsletters, social media, paid ads, or whatever makes sense for you and your business.


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