SHEcorporated One Step Empire

SHEcorporated One Step Empire

Hosted by: Kristy Carruthers

Join us each week as we discuss topics to help female entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their business empires, with the growth program women actually have time for. The ONE STEP program. Season One was all...


Step Four - Finding Your Unfair Advantage

Season #1 Episode #4

This week things get strategic.Are you ready to find your secret sauce that is going to skyrocket your sales?  That special thing that gives you an unfair advantage over your competition?Then you need to do a...
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Step Three - Find Your Audience and Your New Best Friends

Season #1 Episode #3

This week we are going to find your target audience, and create some fictional customers that are going to be a huge part of your brand.  We'll talk about why it's critical to niche down rather than go broad, and talk...
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Step Two - Is it a good idea? How will you know?

Season #1 Episode #2

This week we take your business idea and find out if your market will actually buy it.   We talk through the concept of a minimum viable product and how that applies to your business idea, whether you are on online...
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Step One - Finding your Genius Business Idea

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome to step one!  This is the beginning of your business empire!  In 5 minutes or less we are going to talk you through how to come up with the idea for your new business or how to improve on the idea you've...
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