Step Five - Success Mindset - Get Set for Success and Your Ideal Future

Season #1 Episode #5

Your vision won't work without a plan, and your plan won't work without a vision.  The two really do go hand in hand.  So this week we are getting clear on what you want for your life and your business, and setting your success mindset.

One of the keys to creating that success mindset positively is positive self-talk.  

Negative self-talk starts at a very young age and it’s a tough habit to break, but it’s critical to stop that constant soundtrack of negative reinforcement and replace it with positive self-talk.

"I AM" Affirmations are a great way to do this.

Seeing yourself as already having reached your goals is important to your success mindset and a key part of visualization and the law of attraction.

At the end of the podcast, we are sending you off to get your free download and complete your own "I AM" Affirmations, until next week, when we meet back here, to move to Step 6 on your road to a wildly successful business.

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