Step Seven - Turn Total Strangers into Raving Fans with a Customer Journey Map

Season #1 Episode #7

This week we are taking a walk in your customers shoes and create your Customer Journey Map.   This is the best way make sure you are maximizing your opportunity at each step, and turning those complete strangers into raving fans!

Mapping out your customers journey is critical to ensuring that customers, or potential customers aren’t falling through cracks in your processes, that they are being served properly, that you are maximizing all potential sales, and that your brand is represented exactly as you want it to be, at each step on the path.

All you need for this one is a pen and paper, so get that and then get started!

This is the ONE STEP Empire podcast from SHEcorporated.  We are here to help YOU take the leap, and create the life you dream of, by building your own business empire, one simple step at a time.

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