Step Nine - Give Your Brand it's Unique Personality and Complete Your Brand Identity Kit

Season #1 Episode #9

This week, we are giving your brand it's unique personality, by completing the second half of your Brand Identity Kit, and choosing your typeface and colors. 

Your typeface is the voice people hear in their heads when they visit your website, read your ads, and visit your social media.  The colors you choose to represent your brand sends subconscious messages to the viewer about what your brand stands for, and what type of business you are.

They are both very powerful components of your brands personality.

So join us as we walk through how to choose your typeface and colors and complete your brand identity kit!

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Links mentioned in the podcast: is great for finding palette of colors that works well together or even taking a photo and creating a color palette from that photo. is another favorite site for finding complementary colors and I use it regularly to find the hex code for a pantone color or vice versa.

Here are some real world examples of branding Style Guides you can check out for more ideas and inspiration