Step 11 - You Need a Plan. Let's Keep it Simple.

Season #1 Episode #11

Welcome back to SHEcorporated ONE STEP Empire podcast!

This week we are pulling it all together and creating your business plan.  

The good news is that it doesn't have to be a massive undertaking, especially if you aren't using it to pitch to investors and lenders. It can be just a page or two, but it is critical to maximizing your success. 

If you are looking for investors or financial help, they will require a solid business plan. But even if you are self-funded, you need to have at least a basic plan in place.

This is the ONE STEP Empire podcast from SHEcorporated.  We are here to help YOU take the leap, and create the life you dream of, by building your own business empire, one simple step at a time.

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