Are You Ready to Change the Soundtrack in Your Head and Speed Up Your Success? 

Seeing yourself as already having reached your goals is important to your success mindset, and a key part of visualization, and the law of attraction.


“I am” affirmations are the secret to counteracting that little voice in our heads that says we can't do it. That’s the same little voice that tells us that we aren’t strong enough, we don't deserve it, or any of a million other negative phrases.  If you feed yourself a negative narrative for long enough, eventually you begin to believe it to be true.


That’s the bad news.


The good news is that the opposite is also true.  If you keep the chatter in your head positive and affirming, you will eventually begin to believe that, as well.  And the first step to achieving anything, is to believe you can.


So, take some time and really think about your ideal self, living your ideal life.  How do you feel, what do you do, how do you see yourself?  What is your life like, where do you live, and what makes you happy about your life, when you’ve reached your goals?


Some examples of “I AM” affirmations would be:


“I am healthy and strong.”

“I am debt free.”

“I am in a loving relationship.”

“I am making one million dollars a year.”

“I am happily living on the ocean.”

“I am a successful business leader.”


Get it on Paper


Keep a list of your affirmations handy, and repeat them aloud to yourself a few times a day. It’s recommended that you read each one several times in a row, and close your eyes and picture that affirmation as being true.

After you write down your I AM affirmations, you need to practice your affirmations regularly, and in addition to the success mindset you start to achieve, you will find benefits like reduced stress and increased self-confidence.


We walk you through the entire exercise on the One Step Empire podcast - Episode #5. 


Listen below: