Partners in Creating Opportunity for

Women Entrepreneurs

The world needs more successful women founders.

Did you know that almost half of new businesses are started by women?  But according to NAWBO's 2019 report, only 4.2% of all women owned businesses ever grow past 1 million dollars in revenue. 

Lack of funding is a major contributor to keeping women owned business small. However, woman also face an uphill battle with lack of resources when building their business foundation, and an excess of additional responsibilities that often limits their time to focus on the new business.

Our goal is to change all that.

"One for One" Scholarship Access

Ellecellerate was formed to help women create a stronger foundation for their business, right from the start, and find a group of women founders to surround themselves with, while they navigate their own path to success as an entrepreneur.

We have partnered with SHEcorporated to accept applications for scholarships to the Launchpad Program.  Launchpad is an ongoing program that gives women founders a simple step by step framework to build their business, from the idea stage, to launch, and beyond.

For every woman that joins Launchpad as a paid member, SHEcorporated allocates one scholarship for a woman in need to enter the program.  This "one for one" program creates an opportunity for women to truly empower each other, and give another woman access to the same tools, to create a better life for themselves and their families.

This program will give more women founders access to training, templates and tools, as well as workshops and live sessions, designed to give them actionable, simple steps to move their business forward, and find new levels of success.

Launchpad only opens for enrollment a few times a year, and scholarships are only accepted through our partner women's groups.  For individual, paid access, please join the wait list by signing up for the upcoming Business Kickstart Challenge here, to be notified when the doors open to the program next.

Applications for scholarships are taken through our partnered women's groups only.


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Do you have a group that serves women in need?

If your group serves women in need, please contact us for more information on how we can help serve your group with access to this program.  We have the opportunity to provide no charge access to individuals who qualify.