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Your Welcome Emails : Part 3 - Building Your List

Jul 28, 2022

This is Part Three of a four part blog series where we’re walking you through exactly how to build your email list.


Your email list is the best way to reach your customers and it’s one of the few ways that you have complete control over.  


You can get really fancy and complicated, but the basics you need to capture emails is a high value offering that can be delivered digitally (lead magnet), a landing page for them to go to in order learn more about it and supply their email, and an automated email to send out the lead magnet or further information. That’s it. 


So, if you missed Part One and Part Two - go back and start there as we walked you through your lead magnet and setting up your landing page on those posts.


Part Three is all about your welcome emails to deliver the lead magnet and warm up your prospects.


There are three things you are trying to accomplish with your welcome emails:


  1. To help you educate your prospects by providing how-to’s, tips, strategies, etc. that give them small simple wins, and answer questions 
  2. To build a relationship 
  3. To position yourself as the right person to help them and get them wanting more



If you are using a lead magnet and a landing page, then usually the first email in your welcome sequence will be sent out as soon as they sign up and will deliver the lead magnet to them.


So for example, they visit your website, they see a pop up that says they can sign up for a free checklist, they enter their info, and that adds them to your email list.  You would have this all set up to run automatically, so when they get added to the list, it triggers the first email to go out to them, and that email has the link to the download, the video training, or whatever lead magnet you used to get them to join your list.


After the lead magnet delivery email, there should be a welcome email, where you thank them for joining and let them get to know you a bit better


After that you can do:


  • FAQ email
  • Short actionable training
  • Links to other resources
  • Case study
  • and more


Everyone's sequence will look a little different, but here’s the key – every email is moving them closer to the sale.


So if it’s a FAQ, then you are answering their objections with it.


If it’s a personal story, you are connecting with them, and building your authority.


If it’s a training, it's specifically one that is helping prepare them for the thing that you eventually will offer them.


Think through where they are in their journey right now, and where you need them to be when you finally make your offer, and then what step you want to walk them through to move them from point A to point B.


End the series with hint at the offer you have to come that will get them excited and wanting more.


What should your email say? Keep it short. 


You should have three elements in each email:


  1. The subject line – needs to grab them.
  2. The body – keep it short and to the point – no longer than it needs to be.
  3. The “P.S.” one last chance to give them a call to action.

Best practices for building your emails:


  • Subject line HAS to get them to open it - if they don’t open the email, nothing you have put in it matters.
  • Keep it simple – what does this email need to accomplish - just focus on that.
  • Keep it timeless – you can set and forget this so keep it evergreen so it’s relevant and accurate now and a year from now.


Your action item for this blog post is to get your welcome sequence set up. 


Figure out what email platform you need, whether it’s your existing site or mailchimp, constant contact, hubspot etc – and get it started! 


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