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Why your target audience should be as small as possible.

Oct 11, 2021

What Is a Target Audience?

Very simply, a target audience is a specific group of people you have decided to target with your products or services. It could be a large market or a smaller niche market.

The most common mistake new business owners make is to insist that their product is for EVERYBODY.  Your instinct will tell you that the more people you target the bigger your market and therefore the more people you will sell to.  Which is what you want right?

The truth is actually a bit counterintuitive.  The more specific you get with the audience you target and the smaller your niche, the more successful your marketing will be.


Well the more specific your target audience is the better you can speak directly to them.  It’s much harder to effectively market your product or service to everyone and have anyone take notice of it than it is to speak to a very specific group of people in terms that they understand with a message that really resonates.

So – for example, let’s say you are a consultant helping small businesses manage their finances.  Technically you could help any small business, but if you try to market to that incredibly wide group all you can really do is talk about you and what you do – you can't talk about them and their needs because it’s just too varied. 

But what if you decide to niche down to specialize in managing finances for just real estate professionals? 

Now you become the go to expert, you can speak directly to their very specific concerns in your marketing and get their attention and you can target media outlets, social media hashtags, etc that realtors would follow.  

Now your marketing just became incredibly effective.

So now take a look at your business and who you serve and figure out how to get REALLY specific and niche it down.


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