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Why Aren't You Making 7 Figures Like They Are

Aug 27, 2022

We’ve all seen them - the posts on social media – “I hit 1 million dollars in 3 months – get my secrets” or I got 100k followers in 30 days with the ONE thing”.


Let have some real talk. First of all, let’s assume those posts are true, that the person really did make 1 million dollars in three months.  I like to assume the best of people, so let’s make that assumption here.  Here’s the thing you need to know; the simple statement on that post is just the tip of the iceberg.  It’s a sound-byte that isn’t giving you the full picture.


It’s no secret that posts in big social media groups need to start getting noticed within minutes or they are gone for good, so this type of post is often the only way to get eyes on their information.  To make the situation even more challenging, the posts that work the best are the ones with the text on the colored background, and that limits to very few characters, so there’s not much room for a better explanation.


So, love them or hate them, when you see posts like that, it’s generally someone’s honest attempt at getting your eyes on their product or service, and that’s okay.


You don’t control what everyone else says or does, you can only control yourself right?


So, let’s talk about what that means to you.


First of all, there’s the obvious – your journey is your journey.  Your life right now is not exactly like anyone else’s, you have different challenges and supports, different financial status, and different strengths, and that’s a good thing.  That’s your superpower!


Here’s the secret; overnight successes never happen overnight.  Although the statement itself may be true – “I made 1 million dollars in 3 months”. They absolutely did not start from scratch. They had related experience from a previous job, a list from a previous business, funding lined up, the platform already built, or some kind of head start to make that happen.  So, when you see that kind of claim, assume that there was some kind of foundation in place, to make that possible.  And while the techniques and tactics they are offering may be excellent, you have not failed if you don’t manage to replicate their results.


Second, and I want you to really hear this, whatever helped them achieve that incredible milestone is part of their unique strength and talent, and you probably don’t have the same unique strengths they do.  You have your own superpowers.  So, following their template, even doing it exactly, step by step, is not going to guarantee you the same results.  Your highest success and best results will come from tapping into your unique superpowers, whatever those may be. 


Learn from them, absorb all the information, learn the techniques, but then take a step back and take a good look at what you bring to that table, and how you can best use that training or method to suit YOUR superpowers.  That’s how you get to success faster.


And third, something that most people don’t take into account, is the difference between the front of house and back of house.  Meaning, what you see in someone else’s business vs what is really happening behind the curtain. We’ve all heard the saying “success leaves clues” and that’s true, you can learn so much from the success of others, but you have to make sure you are seeing the whole picture.   When you see someone successful who’s employing a certain strategy, using a specific marketing angle, or technique, and you emulate them, you are taking a risk by assuming that you really understand the whole picture.


For example, a very successful coach might put out a marketing campaign and you think that’s the key to her success, so you try something similar.  What you didn’t know is that that’s not actually the strategy that she has used to build her business, it’s something new she is testing out, and her business has actually been built on referrals from another organization.


You spend hours building the campaign, and tons of money to purchase fb ads – if it works for her – it should work for you right?


The problem is that it didn’t work for her either.  But you can only see the front of house for her business – you don’t know what’s really happening behind the scenes.  There are all sorts of strategic reasons a competitor might be doing what they are doing that you aren’t aware of, so be really careful with this one.


There’s a similar problem with comparing yourself to others. Let’s say she has 1000 people in her membership.  Okay that’s great – but what you don’t know is that she has a lot of staff and expenses to run the programs and attract those members that you don’t, and at the end of the day she is hardly making a profit, by the time she pays it all out. Is that a business model you want to emulate?


No – right?


So, stop comparing yourself to others.  Learn from other successes, and then integrate what you have learned into your own strategy, that taps into your own strengths.


And lastly – remember that any forward progress IS STILL progress.  Some days you will make huge leaps forward, and other days not so much.  But as long as the goals you set for yourself have outcomes that are determined by your actions, not outside factors, you can not fail as long as you don’t give up.  


Let me say that again – YOU CAN NOT FAIL AS LONG AS YOU DON’T GIVE UP!


You may not make the 1 million dollars in three months, but you will make it if you keep moving forward in the right direction.  For me the million dollars took 3 years.  Of course, I had big goals and had set my sights on reaching it in one year, then pushed that to one more year when I didn’t make it the first year, and in the end it actually took three.  But eventually I got there, and that’s when I realized that I am guaranteed success, if I just keep going.


You are too.


And the success story you create won’t be her success story, it is YOUR success story.  And it’s SO much sweeter when it’s yours.




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