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Top 5 Reasons Women in Business Need to Apply for Awards

Sep 21, 2021

You deserve an award, but you’re going to have to ask for it.

As women, we tend to shy away from asking for recognition, even when it is well earned, and possibly even overdue.   Many of us think that we don't need that kind of validation, we don’t do what we do for accolades. While your work ethic is admirable, and you may not need that kind of personal validation and recognition, your business does, and will benefit from it immensely.

If you are outstanding at what you do, there may occasionally be awards bestowed upon you without you seeking them out.  But in reality, most business awards need to be applied for, which means you will have to do the legwork, and get your application or nomination in to be considered. The good news is that there are thousands of awards available for women in business, no matter what your fields of experience level, there is bound to be many that are a great fit for you.


What are the benefits of applying for awards?


1. Increase your businesses exposure.

If you win an award there will be announcements from the organization running the competition and possibly even ceremonies where your company is named or discussed. Even if you don't win, but are shortlisted, you are likely to get some exposure out of the process.


2. Prizes!

Many awards some with grants, mentoring, coaching and cold hard cash.  Who can't use some cash?


3. Elevate your company.

Winning an award is excellent social proof, just like testimonials and reviews. If you win an award be sure to use it in a similar way, display it on your website, add it to your email signature, show it off in your workspace.  Your potential customers will feel more confident making their first purchase from you, knowing that you have been chosen as the best among your competition.


4. Content for a press release

You can use the win for even more exposure if you issue a press release.  Winning an award is tried and true bit of news, that usually gets great traction as a press release.  You can write a short press release and then submit it to publications that would have an interest in the news, like media in your local area, your industry publications and industry associations. This kind of media coverage makes excellent free advertising that tends to live on and on online.


5. Opportunity for Analysis

Even if you don’t win, the simple process of applying for the award is an incredibly useful exercise. It requires self-reflection, taking stock of your current and past achievements, examining your competition, and taking uncomfortable action.  For many people, looking for recognition is a step outside their comfort zone, but it’s an important skill, and the more you do it the better you get at it. 


So where do you find awards to apply for?

Start with your local business associations, chamber of commerce and any trade organizations you belong to.  They will all have some type of awards you can apply for.  Then look at women’s associations and women’s award groups like the Stevie Awards which has categories for every type of business and is specifically for women.

The first few applications will be the most time consuming, as you pull together all the information required.  But once you’ve done a few, the process will get much easier.

Most awards are once a year so the first step is researching all the awards you want to apply for and their deadlines.  Then get them on your calendar and start applying. 

If you stay consistent and keep applying, you will eventually have some wins and once you see the benefits that spin off after each win, you’ll be hooked.


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