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Top 3 Secrets for Massive Growth

Jan 09, 2023

Big goals are the BEST!!!

This next 20 minutes is absolutely full of ideas on how to create growth in your business, no matter what your business is. 

So get a pen and paper and get ready to get some strategies mapped out to GROW!

#1 Replicate


When I started my first million dollar dollar business, long before we hit a million dollars, when it was all new, and I had no idea how to get more clients, where to find them, or even which ones I should be looking for, I took part in a group mentoring program as a mentee.

One of the things that I was told there was absolutely key to transforming my business and taking me from 100k to 1 million, within the next three years.

My business was promotional products, so it was business to business, and I had no contacts  at all.  I was starting from zero, but I had managed to find about 20 clients at that point, and a couple were larger companies.  

I was spray marketing in the worst way - knocking on the doors at every type of business in town because I had no idea which ones would even make a good customer.  

I was burnt out from trying to be all things to all people and spinning my wheels without getting any real traction. So, my mentor asked me who my best customer was.  

That was easy, I had been really fortunate to land a ski resort client (it was really luck – I caught the right person on the phone at the right moment) but I had grabbed on with both hands, and at that point they accounted for $50,000 of my $100,000 business.  

She said “Then there’s your answer.  Don’t keep trying to reinvent yourself for every different kind of business.  

Get out there and replicate that client. Find every single ski resort within traveling distance and knock on their door. Become the ski resort promo expert.  

When you run out of ski resorts, go and find every travel destination type company and start approaching them.  Replicate your success with more of the same.”

Within three years I was working with 5 ski resorts, a theme park, three cruise lines, and several spas, wineries etc.  That was my sweet spot.  It’s an industry I love and know, and I have become an expert in what they need.  

I replicated my success, and it was SO much easier than reinventing the wheel on every single sales call.

So that’s what I am talking about today – that’s what I want you to look at in your business. Replicate for success – simply “do more of what’s working”

There is more than one way to replicate in your business – I focused on replicating my clients, but you can also replicate in other ways.

  • Replicate your promotions 
    • What promos did you do that were successful – can you tweak and repeat?  
    • Can you analyze and figure out why they were successful and then create a new one but with the same elements that made it successful?

  • Replicate your products 
    • Do you have a product or service that does well?  Why?  
    • Can you do more of that service with slight variations?

  • Replicate your processes 
    • Do you have processes that are very efficient or useful?  Or that really generate sales?  
    • Where else could you use that or something similar for similar outcomes?


You can replicate your customers like I did, by going out and finding more of the same, or you can replicate your customers by implementing a referral program.  

With a referral program, you are getting customers that love you to send you more people that are probably just like them and will love you too.

I want you to take an hour this week and mentally walk through your business to find the most successful parts of it and then figure out how to replicate those areas.

A simple way to use replication is with your social media.  Look at your analytics – what posts had great response?  How do you give them more of that?  

You can reuse that exact post if it's more than a couple of months old – just mention it’s a throwback or a “remember when” or change the graphic slightly to freshen it up and reuse the caption.  

It’s a great idea to keep a “best of” folder.  Brendan Buchard talks about this all the time. He keeps the social posts, videos, and blog posts that are the most popular in a “best of” folder and pulls from that all the time.  If it worked once, it will likely work again, and you can use content on different platforms the next time to get it in front of a new part of your audience.  That’s one great example of replication.

New is great and we’ll talk about innovation in the next few minutes, but even though you want to always be testing new things, if you want to find MORE and FASTER anything, then creating your own success formula from past successes is the key. 

Do more of what’s working or has worked.

Imagine if you took the most successful piece of each part of your business and reused it – how would that amplify your growth?  Both your sales growth and your audience growth?

You can do that – and that’s exactly what I challenge you to do this week. 

#2 Innovate


Sometimes the key to BIG growth is a new perspective.

You can apply innovation to all areas of your business, and it starts by evaluating what you currently have in place.

  • How can you change your processes to better serve and sell?
  • How can you implement systems to make you more efficient, and free up your time to focus on other key areas?
  • What new products is your market looking for?
  • How can you be Unique and cut through the noise and capture their attention.  What is everyone from your industry saying or doing and how can you do something different?
  • What new markets have emerged that you could sell your product to?
  • How can you better address your customer’s needs? 
  • What are your best profit centers – how can you do more of that and how can you increase your margins elsewhere?
  • How can you reduce your workload? Can you delegate or streamline to allow more time for you to work on the business rather than “in” the business?
  • Take white space time – schedule business development days and make them non-negotiable appointments with yourself.  If we don’t block this time, it tends not to happen, and it’s really the key to your growth and success. 

  • Take “Think Vacations” – This is one of Spanx founder Sara Blakely’s best tips.  She takes a solo trip each year, with no list or agenda, and just gives herself the time and space to free up her mind.  This is often the time I come up with the real revolutionary ideas for my businesses as well.  If you don’t have the freedom or budget to actually take a trip, try creating a “staycation” for yourself during your normal work hours, where you clear your calendar as if you were away, and just think.

#3 Dominate


This is about the power of owning your space!


Do you want to be the top company in your field? 


You want to be the one that EVERYONE refers to, that everyone knows is top notch and is respected as an expert in your niche? 


Then make it so!


Become the leader in your space!


You don’t have the highest sales or have been around the longest to become the “go to” in your industry. But making yourself into the leader in your field will create the growth you are looking for. 


So how do you create that identity for yourself so you can step into it and grow?


1. Position yourself as the thought leader in your industry.  This means knowing your material, spending time exploring and sharing your material, and working to keep yourself on the leading edge of what’s going on in your industry.


 2. Be everywhere – I mean everywhere.  This is also how you create buzz and momentum.  Get on panels, guest on other platforms, contribute, attend events.  Leverage your time as much as possible, and repurpose where you can, but get as much exposure as you can.


3. Create great content - This will tie into 1 and 2 – because to be a thought leader and to get yourself featured you need to create great content. That might be a blog, podcast, videos, high value social posts – whatever makes sense for you and your niche, but you need to be putting value out there into the world


4. Know everyone (network)  I hate using the word 'network' because it makes some of us recoil in fear – I see you introverts.  But there’s a saying that “your network is your net worth” and it’s true.  You cannot do it alone – the more connected you are the more opportunity there is – period.  It took me a long time to accept and embrace that, but you need to find ways to connect with peers and share audiences and opportunities.


 5. Contribute everywhere - Don’t stick with one platform – reuse and repurpose your content across many platforms and channels to get maximum amplification.  For example, you could take your podcast and repurpose as a blog, pop the video on you tube, and then cut it up for social media snippets.  You can even rewrite it slightly to make an article you can submit to other platforms.  Get your stuff out everywhere!


 6. PR – just do it.  PR is unpaid exposure through features on other platforms like magazines, influencer blogs, tv etc. and it’s priceless – especially for building your authority.


 7. Awards – apply for awards!  This is the ultimate social proof to give you authority in your space, and you aren’t going to win if you don’t apply.  You should have it on your schedule as something you investigate a couple of times per year, and then apply for what comes up.


 8. Mentoring - Get a mentor and when you are ready, be a mentor.  Sharing knowledge is an incredible thing, and the benefits are huge for both parties


So, your one step for this week is to find one thing you can do from each of these categories – the one thing you think will move the needle the most in your business.  What is one thing you can replicate, one innovation you can implement and one way you can start dominating your market?

I hope you go out there and absolutely slay your goals