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Landing Page : Part 2 - Building your list

Jul 28, 2022

We’re working on building one of the most valuable assets in your business in this four part series. That asset is your email list.


In Part One, we talked about how your email list is the best way to reach your customers and it's one of the few ways that you have complete control over.  


Social media is great but you don’t own your reach there.  At any moment the platform could change or lock you out or disappear and you have lost your audience in a blink.


It’s critical that you convert as much of your social media following to a list that you actually do own and control - and an email list is the way most of us do that.


The most common way to do that is with a lead magnet.  If you missed part one, a lead magnet is something that you offer your followers, customers, prospects etc in exchange for their email address.  


It can be a free download, an event, access to a group, a training video, or anything else that gives enough value that your audience is willing to supply their email to you in order to get access to it.


You can get really fancy and complicated but the basics you need to convert those followers to emails is a high value offering that can be delivered digitally, a landing page for them to go to in order to learn more about it and supply their email, and an automated email to send out the lead magnet or further information. That’s it. 


We covered creating your lead magnet in part one, so for part two let’s start with what is a landing page?


Also known as a squeeze page – it is part of your sales funnel and is very simply somewhere your prospects can go to sign up for your lead magnet, so you can collect their email address.


Where can you set it up?


On your website or on a simple one page landing page from leadpages, clickfunnels, godaddy, or another service.


How does it collect info?


Your landing page may have a pop up, a button, or an inline form, where it’s just part of your header or footer or in the page somewhere, built right in.


Here’s the key.


The landing page’s only goal is to get them to sign up for your lead magnet, so you want to remove all distractions.


It should have no links to other pages on your site, or links to your social media.  There shouldn’t be a lot of text to read, or other things to get caught up in.  Just the basic info you need to get them excited about your lead magnet, and to sign up for it.


On the form itself, you also want to keep it simple – the less info they need to input, the more likely they are to do it.  


So, while you may want their last name, their birthday, and full address, unless it’s absolutely critical information for what you are doing, just ask for their email and possibly their first name.


I do ask for a first name on most of my forms, as I like to be able to address them in the emails I send later, by their name.


You will need to either build a page on your site that’s not connected to the other pages in the navigation, or get a single page landing page from another service.  A lot of email providers have pages you can build as well, like Constant Contact, for example.


Once you have your page,  build in a form that collects their info and sends it to your mail provider.  Again, your email provider may have pop ups that you can connect to the site, or you can build the form right on the page – either way works – as long as you have it set up to feed that info to your mailing list, you are good to go.

Elements of your Landing Page


  1. Write your headline.  Make it direct and very clear.  Tell them exactly what they are getting.
  2. Gather any images you will need and write your copy to entice them to sign up
  3. Set up your opt-in or sign-up form – keep it simple and clear
  4. Create a call to action for the form. Make it powerful and clear


Pro tip: Make sure you have terms on your page explaining what you will do with the emails and information you collect.  If you plan to run ads they may be declined if you don’t have that info.

Best Practices:



  • Keep it simple – no distractions or links to other places, including YOUTUBE video links – they should have two options – to sign up or to leave the page


  • Ask for only what you need – nothing more


  • The only purpose is to sign them up, so really sell the lead magnet itself and leave the rest of the info for later, after they have signed up.


  • Focus on the transformation – not the stuff.  If your lead magnet teaches them how to communicate to their kids, for example, you don’t need to give them a rundown of all the things you will teach them, but rather tell them what that new knowledge and confidence will do for them.  Instead of a list of lessons, tell them you are going to help make them feel closer to their children, reduce the fighting and chaos, make a more peaceful home, etc.


  • How will your lead magnet transform their lives?  Small transformations count too!


  • Keep the sign up box above the fold!!!  That means they will see how to sign up as soon as they open the page on a mobile device or web browser.


  • Keep the branding consistent with the ad or post you used to get them there, and with the lead magnet and emails they will receive.


  • Use fonts that are easy to read and images that load quickly.


  • Bottom line – the faster, easier and more attractive you can make it for them to sign up – the better your conversions will be.


  • Test it on all different platforms – try different browsers, android, iPhone etc.


  • If the platform you use doesn’t have its own analytics – hook up a tracking tool like google analytics, so you can see how many people are visiting the page, and how many are actually signing up, to get your conversion rates.


  • Then test, test, test.  Be sure to  split test any changes you make over time as well to make sure the improvements are performing better than the previous version. It will take some tweaking and little changes can make a big difference, so test it each time you change, to see if it performs better or worse.



This is something you can do in a few hours – don’t overthink it – just get it going and get testing!

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