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Create Massive Growth : Part 2 - Innovate

Jul 16, 2022

Today we are talking about the power of shaking things up!


This is Part Two of this three part series on Business Growth Strategy 


Last session we talked about how to REPLICATE for success – which is simply “do more of what’s working”


Sometimes the key to BIG growth is a new perspective, and we are going to talk about how you find that perspective and inspiration, and how to apply it for growth!


You can apply innovation to all areas of your business, and it starts by evaluating what you currently have in place.



  • How can you change your processes to better serve and sell?


  • How can you implement systems to make you more efficient and free up your time to focus on other key areas?


  • What new products is your market looking for?


  • What new markets have emerged that you could sell your product to?


  • How can you better address your customers needs? (client survey)\


  • What are your best profit centers – how can you do more of that and how can you increase your margins elsewhere?


  • How can you reduce your workload? Can you delegate or streamline to allow more time for you to work on the business rather than “in” the business?


  • Take white space time – schedule business development days and make them non negotiable appointments with yourself.  If we don’t block this time it tends not to happen, and it’s really the key to your growth and success. 


  • Take “Think Vacations” – This is one of Spanx founder Sara Blakely’s best tips.  She takes a solo trip each year, with no list or agenda, and just gives herself the time and space to free up her mind.  This is often the time I come up with the real revolutionary ideas for my businesses as well.  If you don’t have the freedom or budget to actually take a trip, try creating a “staycation” for yourself during your normal work hours, where you clear your calendar as if you were away, and just think.

There are two things I want you to do this week:



  • Get a business development day on your schedule


  • Pick one area of your business to analyze and spend that business development day coming up with innovations to improve it. 



You can do that – and that’s exactly what I challenge you to do this week.  



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