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How to Reach your Big Goals

Jan 02, 2023

Big goals are the BEST!!!


We should all have goals so big they scare us a little. 

But how do you get from here..... to there? 


How do you set those BIG goals, and then what's the SECRET to getting there? 


That’s what we are talking about today and I’ve got my best secrets for turning the "out of reach" into reality. 

I want everyone who’s watching this to get your calendar out TODAY, and mark off one whole day sometime this month, to shut everything down and focus on one task for the day. Spend that day goal setting, strategizing and planning for the next year.  


I am going to give you some tools today and I want you to make the white space on your calendar to sit down and use them, so you can BLOW IT UP over the next 12 months!


So, were talking about how to reach those big goals – how do you get from here to there.


So that is the very first step – you need to figure our where the heck “there” even is.  And no vague, hopeful goals please.  


Get specific.  So rather than “I want to grow my business next year”,  how much do you want to grow by ? 25%?  $50,000?  


Do you want to hit 1000 members in your group?  

What is the specific goal you want to hit?


This is the KEY to making it happen.


So, what’s that big goal for you?  What’s that goal that if you achieve it makes all the other goals easier to reach?


For example, let’s imagine your BIG goal is to double your income, take more time off and start working out.  If you do double your income, can you afford to hire someone to help you take more time off, and maybe hire a personal trainer?


Now here’s the secret – we’re going to reverse engineer it so you can figure out how to get there


Let’s say that your goal is to hit 100k next year.


Okay, awesome!


So, you need to do how much per month? It breaks down to roughly 8k per month.


If you are not doing anywhere near that total now, you probably aren’t going to jump to 8k next month right?  


So, you need to break that 100k down in to amounts that make sense over the next 2 months to get you there.  Maybe that’s 2k next month, 3k the month after, 4k the month after that, increasing by thousand or a little over that to get you to 14k or so per month on the last month for a total of 100k at the end of 12 months.  


Or maybe your business is seasonal – so there are certain months you know will hold the bulk of your sales – break that target down to fit your calendar that way.


Okay – got it?


Then we are going to break it down even further – because so far, we have what you want – but how the heck are you going to make that happen?


So now you need to look at how you make that money. Do you have one income stream?  Do you have more than one?


What do you have to sell to make that target each month?


If you are a coach and you are making $500 per session, you need 4 sessions that first month to make the 2k, and 28 sessions that last month to make the 14k.  I’m thinking you need to raise your prices by that last month, or you need a new more passive income stream to add in there, for this example.


If you have a membership, and your members pay $50 per month, you need 40 members that first month, and you need 280 paying members to make the 14k in the last month, to total your 100k for the year.


This works for non monetary goals as well – if your goal is to have 1000 new subscribers by the end of the year, then what do you do to bring in subscribers?  If you know that every time you post in a group, you get 2 new subscribers, then how many posts do you need to make each month, to get the subscribers you need?


Let’s go back to the coaching example.  You are a coach and you charge $500 per session and you need 4 sessions that first month to make the 2k you have set for your first month goal.


What do you do to create a sale?  Does it take an average of 10 discovery calls to get one session booked?  Okay, so now you know to get 4 sessions booked you need to do 40 discovery calls.


Or increase your conversion rate, or come up with a faster easier method to attract new clients.


Now at some point in this exercise you may find that the number just don’t work anymore.


For example, as a coach charging $500 per session,  where we are wanting to create 14k in our last month – and we would need 28 sessions that last month, that’s 280 discovery calls – yikes.  


THIS IS THE GOLD of doing this exercise.  Now you can see the big blocks to hitting your goals 12 months before you hit those blocks.  


This math is not going to work – you are not going to hit your 100k goals this way.  You’ve just saved yourself a year and a lot of exhaustion.  You have the opportunity to retool the plan before you even start it.


Now you can figure out how can you bring in that money without 280 discovery calls?  You probably need another income stream, or higher prices, or an easier way to attract clients – or a combination of all three.

Notice I am not saying to lower your expectations or your goals


You absolutely can still hit 100k – and now you have a much better shot at getting there, because you can retool the plan, you can see where you are going to have a difficult time making it reality, and you can plan a different route to get there.


Then, here’s my pro tip – grab a whiteboard or chalkboard and map it all out on there, and hang it where you can see it and check in on it, and adjust as needed.  


If I miss my target for this month, I don’t throw my hands up and say “oh well I didn’t make it”, I take the amount a missed it by, and add that in to future targets, to I am still going to make my end goal.


So that’s your one step for this week.  I want you to reverse engineer your way to your biggest goal.


  1. Start by booking that one day this month to spend on your goals.  
  2. Choose a measurable specific goal, 
  3. Breakdown that goal into chunks by month.  
  4. Then list out what actions you must take to make that monthly goal ( how many calls, how many podcast guest appearances, how many referrals you need to ask for) whatever it is that moves the needle in your business.


Then get out there and crush those goals!


I really can’t wait to see what you do!