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Hate Marketing?

Jan 23, 2023

So, let’s talk marketing. I want to know:


Do you believe in what you do?


Are there people out there that need what you provide?  


What happens if they don’t find your product service or solution?


Whatever it is that you sell, its more than a transaction; you can help them have a better relationship with their partner, you can help them create a cozy home, you can help them feel gorgeous, you have a solution for them that’s awesome.


If they don’t know about you, then what happens?


Let’s go a step further than what you can do for you customer with this one sale.  What are the ripple effects of what you provide?


If you are helping them have a better relationship with their partner?  That’s amazing in itself - but what are the ripple effects?  Let’s think through some possibities:


  • They have healthy communication and don’t end up getting divorced.
  • The kids have the benefit of both parents at home.
  • They avoid years of bitterness, arguments and financial chaos.
  • They are better positioned to get their kids into university.
  • Their children land their dream jobs out of college.
  • Their children have healthy relationships with their partners because they had great role models


Your impact is infinite and far reaching.  But only if your ideal clients know about you.


If you don’t get yourself in front of the people who need your product, service, or solution, you have done them a great disservice.


If you offer it and they don’t want it – that’s fine – it’s not for them, or not right now, but they must know it exists, or you can’t help them


Thinking of marketing as helping instead of selling is the key to making marketing (and selling) more comfortable.  Lead with value.  


When you put your marketing together, yes, you need a strategy as to where that is leading, ( and hopefully it is toward the sale) but if your goal is to leave them with a positive experience, you will never lose.  


Keep in mind, when it’s time to make the actual offer that you are STILL helping them, because you and I know that unless they buy the thing (whatever that is) they won’t get the full benefit of it.  


So again, you are STILL helping them by presenting the offer – if you don’t offer it, you can’t help them have the transformation. But that’s the sales side of things.  For now, we are a bit earlier in the process, talking about marketing.


So, let’s do an exercise.


1. What is the thing you need to market – choose one product or service or part of your business. 


2. How does that help and who does that help?


3. What happens if they don’t have access to your product or service?


4. What are the ripple effects of you being able to serve them?


5. How can you give them a small part or a step along the way to that solution in your marketing?


If your service is spa services perhaps the transformation is that you are going to help them relax and feel better about themselves.  How can you integrate that into your marketing?


  • Share self care tips on your social media
  • Run radio ads with 15 seconds of spa sounds to relax them on the go
  • Give out free samples of your special oil blends at an event  


Taking a small step towards the end goal with them is smart marketing, and it also feels good to you, because you are giving them value upfront while introducing them to your offer.


If you offer coaching services – what could step toward the final transformation could you include in your marketing?


  • Take calls on a podcast and help people work through some issues live.
  • Write a blog with performance or relationship tips.  


There are a million ways to market your business, but when you market by providing value, you make your potential customers happy, position yourself as the one who can lead them to the ultimate solution, and make marketing feel good to you as well.


So that is your one step for this week – figure out why you are doing your clients a disservice by NOT marketing your heart out, and then find a “value first” way to serve them, with a small step toward the transformation you provide


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So, remember that when you market your own business.