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Create Massive Growth : Part 3 - Dominate

Jul 16, 2022

Let’s talk  about the power of owning your space!

This is part 3 of our Business Growth Strategy series - “Dominate”.  If you missed the first two parts, Replicate and Innovate, go back and start there so you don’t miss a thing.


Do you want to be the top company in your field? 


You want to be the one that EVERYONE refers to, that everyone knows is top notch and is respected as an expert in your niche? 


Then make it so!


Become the leader in your space!


You don’t have the highest sales or have been around the longest to become the “go to” in your industry. But making yourself into the leader in your field will create the growth you are looking for. 


So how do you create that identity for yourself so you can step into it and grow?


  1. Position yourself as the thought leader in your industry.  This means knowing your material, spending time exploring and sharing your material, and working to keep yourself on the leading edge of what’s going on in your industry.   
  2. Be everywhere – I mean everywhere.  This is also how you create buzz and momentum.  Get on panels, guest on other platforms, contribute, attend events.  Leverage your time as much as possible, and repurpose where you can, but get as much exposure as you can   
  3. Create great content  This will tie into 1 and 2 – because to be a thought leader and to get yourself featured you need to create great content. That might be a blog, podcast, videos, high value social posts – whatever makes sense for you and your niche, but you need to be putting value out there into the world   
  4. Know everyone (network)  I hate using the word 'network' because it makes some of us recoil in fear – I see you introverts.  But there’s a saying that “your network is your net worth” and it’s true.  You can not do it alone – the more connected you are the more opportunity there is – period.  It took me a long time to accept and embrace that, but you need to find ways to connect with peers and share audiences and opportunities.   
  5. Contribute everywhere  Don’t stick with one platform – reuse and repurpose your content across many platforms and channels to get maximum amplification.  For example you could take your podcast and repurpose as a blog, pop the video on you tube, and then cut it up for social media snippets.  You can even rewrite it slightly to make an article you can submit to other platforms.  Get your stuff out everywhere!   
  6. PR – just do it.  PR is unpaid exposure through features on other platforms like magazines, influencer blogs, tv etc. and it’s priceless – especially for building your authority.   
  7. Awards – apply for awards!  This is the ultimate social proof to give you authority in your space, and you aren’t  going to win if you don’t apply.  You should have it on your schedule as something you look into a couple of times per year, and then apply for what comes up.   
  8. Mentoring  Get a mentor and when you are ready, be a mentor.  Sharing knowledge is an incredible thing, and the benefits are huge for both parties

Two action items for this week:


  • Map out how you want to be known in your niche – what does a thought leader look like to you?
  • Pick one of these methods to start creating your authority and do it!


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