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Beginner to Boss – RIGHT NOW!

Dec 05, 2022


Two incredible ways to build your authority end become a leader in your field, even if you are BRAND NEW in your business. 


You can be yourself, be honest, AND become known as THE person to go to in your field. 


Oh - and it's FREE! What?!?!?!? 


Yup - we've got the tips that will change the trajectory of your business.

When we start out in business, often our imposter syndrome kicks in and we think we need to have a certain number of years of history behind us before we can become an authority – but that’s not the case.  


And there are a couple of great ways to become the authority or go to that you can do right ow and that are FREE.  And along with building your authority they are really powerful ways to grow your audience.  And did I mention they are free? 

Let’s talk about building your authority, even you are not an expert, and what that means.  


If you think of any niche in any industry that you are familiar with, certain people will pop to mind, they are the go-to for that service or product.  They have created authority on that topic in one way or another.  

For some it’s work experience or education on that topic, for others it’s research, or a lived experience and for some it’s from a simple interest they have in that topic that they have become an authority.


I whatever way they have done it, it makes them the name that people think of and creates a non-stop flow of traffic to their door, so they don’t have to pound the pavement and chase those sales anymore.


That’s the dream, right?


But maybe you own a newer business, or you are building your business in a field that you don’t have a degree in or years and years of related experience. Or maybe you do have quite a bit of experience, but your imposter syndrome kicks in and you don’t FEEL like the expert. So how do YOU become the go to in your field?


This is the cool part about building authority – there are lots of ways to do it and you can do it without knowing everything about everything right now.


While being an EXPERT is one way to build authority, you don’t NEED to be an expert to be the “go-to”.  You can learn as you go.  


Once of the best techniques for building your authority in a field that you are new to, is to focus on curating instead of creating.


So, what does that mean?


Rather than tapping into your own knowledge or experience, which is tricky since you are new to your topic, you can curate, which means to collect and share the information with your audience.  


This can be done in a variety of ways.  You can collect contributed information like blogs from sources that are experts in your field and put them on your platform for your audience to consume.  Or you could start a podcast where you interview experts on the topic, and you learn right alongside your audience from the experts, while becoming an expert yourself.


You can share (with permission) posts from other social media accounts that speak to the topic you are focused on.  You can collect and share resources for your audience on the topic they are interested in.  Those are just a few examples, but there are countless ways to curate content.


Think about what your audience wants to see or hear and how you can bring that together on your platforms, to make you the first place they would go to find what they need related to your topic.


Curating is most effective when you are very focused.  For example, if your topic is “healthy eating”, that may be too general a topic to work well, because there are so many resources out there for helping people eat better – they may or may not come back to you for that info.  But if your topic was healthy eating to minimize menopause symptoms, or creating a specific diet for kids with ADHD, those are topics that your targeted audience will want to come back and access and find value in.


If you aren’t new to your field, then you have lots of options for building your authority.


A lot of them come back to creating content in one form or another, you can start a podcast, guest on podcasts, write articles or blogs, create long form social media posts, reels, or YouTube videos.


You can also speak on stages, live or virtual, write a book, create courses, or invest some time in PR.


We dove DEEP into PR and gave you all the tools to get started on your own PR in Season Two,  Episode 16 of the  One Step Empire podcast.  It’s great authority builder for everyone, whether you are brand new to your field, starting a new business, or are a seasoned veteran at what you do.

PR is basically unpaid exposure in the media.  You could be quoted in an article, appear on a tv interview, get featured in a magazine, guest on a podcast, get featured in a gift guide or anything along those lines. 


ANYONE can be quoted in a magazine or newspaper. You don’t have to be some big shot.  The writer is interested in your perspective not your history.  And EVERYONE has a perspective.  Think about it this way - they must create content, day in and day out, and they need sources to quote, and fresh ideas to explore, so they need you and your perspective.


PR is the great equalizer, because it allows less experienced founders to be seen and heard and the best part is that it gives those without mega ad budgets to get their business in front of thousands and sometimes millions of new potential customers for free.


It does take time and persistence, but the benefit is huge.  Not only do you get your business in front of all those new people, but then you get the boost of increasing your authority by being in the media, and you can use that forever more on your website, in your bio etc.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


So, no matter what stage of business you are at – you CAN create authority and become the go to expert.  You can literally go from unknown to millions of views overnight if you get a great placement with zero cost – so it’s very much worth your while to invest some time in PR – go to Episode 16 and get your action steps to get started on your own PR.


The second way to go from beginner to boss right now and skyrocket your authority, is to start a podcast.  


The barrier to entry is very low.  You need a laptop and a mic for under $100, you can use a free Zoom account to record, and free editing software like Audacity to edit your episodes.  Then just use a platform like Buzzsprout for $20 a month to host it, and BAM – you create your own platform and start building your authority on your topic immediately.  


The benefit to podcasting goes way beyond the people that subscribe, or any kind of monetization you get out of it.  A podcast is an incredible tool to grow your network and create contacts with people that might not otherwise connect with you.  


We had podcast expert Jacqueline Mellone – host of the “Go To Gal” podcast with us on Episode 4  of the One Step Empire podcast and she talked us through the basics of starting a podcast -  because it’s easy to get stuck there and you don’t need to.   But while the technical and logistical information is what we think we need, the most valuable part of that podcast, and the part you really need to hear, is when she talks about the strategy behind hosting a podcast, and all the ways you can leverage it to build your business, get a seat at the table, and find other opportunities.


It’s a game changer – so go listen to that one too – Episode 4 on One Step Empire podcast.

So those are two low cost – basically FREE ways you can go from – beginner to absolute boss, and become the “go to” expert right now.


With that in mind, your one step for this week is to decide if PR or a podcast is right for you.  Or choose some other way to build your authority if something is a better fit for you and your business, and then create an action plan to get it going!

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