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Episode 7 Season 4

Money mistakes!  (We’ve all made them - here’s how to fix it)

Let’s talk about money mistakes.  You know what I’m talking about. 


When you realize the payroll and rent for your business is due tomorrow and you don’t have enough in the account, or you try to pay a bill online and your credit card declines.


That feeling in the pit of your stomach – UGH…..


It happens to all of us – we make big mistakes and small mistakes – but we are guaranteed to make some mistakes, no matter who we are. You think the most successful entrepreneurs don’t make mistakes?  They absolutely do - theirs are just for larger amounts of money than yours are!


Quinn is with us today talking about money mistakes and why we don’t need to be afraid of them and how we can actually use them to improve.


You are not the only one that has these struggles. So ditch the shame, open the curtain and let’s talk about money , mistakes, mindset and making the journey a bit smoother.


Let’s get into it!



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