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There is so much bad business advice out there when it comes to how to consistently gain new clients. We are inundated with messages promoting the latest complex tool or strategy that promises the much-desired new client growth. 


Everything from the need to build complicated multi-step sales funnels, to landing pages, email sequences, multiple offers at every price point, websites, branding, graphics, SEO, big support teams and even bigger budgets to run ads in order to find leads.


It’s exhausting, and listening to the noise is the ultimate distraction from what really matters.

 Yes, there is a time and place for many of the tools above. I would argue that time is once you have mastered the fundamentals that lead to consistent new client growth:


1, Building an audience that wants what you offer, and is willing to invest to achieve results today.

2. Mastering your messaging so that it resonates and creates movement from your ideal client.

3. Having an offer that converts consistently, because the perceived value for your ideal client far exceeds the investment level to achieve the desired results.

Business growth can be elegantly simple, and can be done with low tech, high touch, high impact strategies that are free, or cost very little money. Strategies that you can implement today, and use to exponentially growth your service-based businesses.


The 3 strategies we recommend are:


  • Speaking
  • Networking
  • Events


The reason we focus on them is because they are all experiential in nature. 

If you are looking to attract more clients (particularly for your high-ticket programs or services), you need to create experiences in the marketplace that helps your potential clients discover you, evaluate your credibility to serve as the guide to help them with their problem, and provide opportunity to get to know, like and trust you, while also observing the power of your network and expertise in action.


The simple truth is that most of the people you will serve this year you have not met yet. Therefore, meeting more of the right people, more ways, more often, is essential for consistent client growth, not fancy tech tools that remove you from direct conversation with your ideal clients. 


Effective conversations spark curiosity with your ideal client, and will help them to identify you as the “must hire” resource on their quest to achieve their desired results. 


So, instead of chasing after clients with the next shiny automated tool, stop.


Focus on creating experiences where you can stand out from the sea of sameness.

Never lose sight of the fact that 2 things predict your future revenue:


  • How many people you are meeting.
  • How many offers you are making to people who are ready to invest today.


Business can be elegantly simple. 


Consistent client growth can be your reality, when you get clear on an intentional strategy to create demand for your services through audience building and getting visible, mastering your marketing message to connect to those actively searching for a specific solution to a specific problem, and positioning yourself confidently as the “must hire” resource to help guide your ideal client to achieve the result they are seeking, by investing in your offer. 


Get Clear. Gain Confidence. See Results.

Meet Christine Campbell Rapin -
Business mentor and consultant


Christine Campbell Rapin is a business mentor and consultant. As the owner of CLEAR Acceleration Inc., she has a no-nonsense approach to helping business owners achieve consistent client growth by improving client conversion rates. 


Creative service-based business owners seek her out to create consistently profitable businesses by implementing proven marketing and business strategies and scale to multiple six figures.



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