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Doors will open to Launchpad Business Accelerator again this fall.

No more overwhelm, just simple, clear steps to success!

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In the Launchpad, we have set out a crystal clear path for you to build the business, and life of your dreams.  


This is your FAST TRACK to a business that you are passionate about, that supports the life you envision, and gives you the FREEDOM you deserve.

Launchpad - Simple Path to Success

Online lesson modules with easy, clear, simple, steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

We have templates and worksheets for every step, to build your customer experience map, find your target market, build your marketing plan, and more.

Community Support

Access to our exclusive Launchpad community.  You will have support from your fellow women entrepreneurs, and community mentors, answering your questions, providing feedback and support, and celebrating your WINS!

Coaching Calls

You are never alone with our Launchpad Business Accelerator.  Group coaching calls after each module to review your work will keep you moving forward.   Weekly office hours will get your questions answered and tap into the community for even more help and feedback.

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"SHEcorporated Launchpad is a life changer!  Since I started my business last year, I was looking for ways to grow, make my brand known and learn how to manage a business.  This is truly a great community!"
-Sandra H


These sessions were some of the most engaging I have attended. Kristy is a phenomenal speaker! She was great, easy to understand, full of energy and very inspiring. It inspires me to do better, taught me that I'm not alone in this path and that if I visualize myself where I really want to be, I will be there!

- Sarah B

Launchpad Opens in January!


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Why do you need Launchpad Business Accelerator?


Because you are too busy to waste time, and this is too important to take chances.

It can be overwhelming (and lonely) figuring it all out on your own. You are going to have questions as you go along, and ideas you want to bounce of a community of like-minded women.

Launchpad provides a clear step by step path to build your business.  From mapping your customer journey, planning the path to a life you love, creating powerful marketing, getting free press, and stepping into your spotlight as your company's founder. We’ve taken all the information and filtered it out to the best nuggets, the most effective pieces, and created simple actionable steps, to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

You will also become part of our community of women entrepreneurs, here to cheer you on, to inspire you and to light the path for you, as you build your very own business empire.

We have carefully curated each step, to make sure you have all of the essential pieces to build your business in the quickest, easiest format possible.

There are tools and training in the Launchpad Business Accelerator to help you, no matter what type of business you are in or what stage you are at, but the key is just to follow the path step by step.  That’s it.  If you do that every single week, simple step by simple step you will be that much closer to your dreams, and you WILL create a thriving business.

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Why I created SHEcorporated Launchpad


I started out my business just like you.  I had a big idea, and a desire to create a life where my time was my own, my earning potential was unlimited, and I could provide security for my family.  I had to learn how to do it all from scratch, googling my way from one step to the next, and hoping I wasn’t missing anything important.

It took hours and hours, of time I couldn't spare, to sift through the information, to separate the good advice from the bad.  I had to find all the parts of the puzzle that applied to my business, and then figure out how to put it all together. 

After doing that for my first few businesses, I figured there really should be a better way.   Why isn’t there a simple, step by step format, for women to follow, that walks us through the process, so we have the confidence that we are building a solid foundation and are headed for success instead of uncertainty?

Our goal is to help is to make sure that YOU don’t have to spend hours on the internet, searching for resources and how to videos, getting conflicting advice and confusing options, like I did.

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