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If you have a menstrual cycle, you have an untapped internal guidance system for making CEO decisions and taking big, bold, SUSTAINABLE action


What does your period have to do with running your business?


If you are like me, your early sex education (barely) covered pregnancy, periods and PMS, but your menstrual cycle is so much more than that. Your 28(ish) day cycle has four phases with distinct hormonal patterns that influence your resilience, motivation, creativity, and productivity. 


You are probably very familiar with the experience of these ups and downs in your business, but I bet you don’t know how to make it work for you. That is where cycle syncing comes in. Cycle syncing is a practice of aligning your life with the phases of your cycle so you can experience greater energy and ease all month long.


So let’s break down the four phases.


1. Menstrual 

In the days surrounding your period, hormones drop to their lowest point in the cycle. This translates to you losing the buffer between your inner and outer world. When you are running on autopilot, this shows up as annoyance at the slightest inconvenience, going off on your partner for breathing too loudly, or wanting to give up on your dream altogether. However, this unique connection to your intuition is actually a superpower. 

During this phase, create space to journal to reconnect to:

  • your why
  • your values
  • your priorities
  • your boundaries 

2. Follicular 

As estrogen rises following your period you may feel more optimistic, more capable of fulfilling commitments, and more resilient against stress. Estrogen can also create a sort of hormonal amnesia, leaving you more susceptible to busy work and shiny object syndrome in your business. However, when you have anchored your priorities during the menstrual phase, you can leverage this renewed energy to inspire creative solutions in your business. 


During this phase:

  • Let your creativity run wild
  • Resist the urge to edit 
  • Give yourself permission to try (and fail) new things
  • Celebrate your progress

3. Ovulatory 

In the days leading up to ovulation (you’ll know it by the amount of discharge flowing), estrogen and testosterone reach their peak, which can help you feel confident, magnetic, social and sexy. But without an outlet for all that energy, it can leave you feeling restless and isolated. The good news is that you are primed to build the community and support you crave. 


During this phase: 

  • Take brave, bold action
  • Seek out personal and professional support 
  • Ask for what you want
  • Fully show up for the people you serve

4. Luteal 

After ovulation, estrogen decreases and cortisol levels increase. This combination puts you on high alert, raising your critical thinking and attention to detail. When hormones are balanced, progesterone has a calming effect, that allows you to take advantage of this heightened awareness, to identify the gaps between the inspired plan from follicular and making it happen. 


During this phase: 

  • Edit your vision 
  • Build out systems 
  • Create protocols 
  • Knock out the pesky to-dos that keep your business running 

PMS, cramps, and numerous other symptoms can complicate your experience of your cycle. And let’s be real…no one wants to put their life on hold to “fix” their hormones. 


The beauty of cycle syncing is that you don’t have to! 


When you build your dream business with your cycle in mind, your body will show up for you in ways you may not have thought possible (I know it did for me!).


Get started today! Which phase resonates right now? What is one task you can remove, add, or modify today to leverage your cyclical superpowers?

Meet Briana Villages, Cycle Syncing Coach 


Hi! I am a certified menstrual cycle coach, and host of the Hormone Rants podcast. My experience with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) inspired my mission to bring the conversation around periods out of the menstrual health niche into our everyday lives.


With over 5 years of personal and professional experience cycle syncing, I specialize in helping women align their life and business with their menstrual cycle. The result? Developing sustainable productivity practices so you can achieve your goals without sacrificing your health, your relationships, or yourself in the process.


Connect with Briana HERE!

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