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Episode 26 Season 3

Break through to your next level of success! The keys to levelling up.

What’s the difference between being stuck at barely making it and skyrocketing your sales?

Why do some women stay stuck at the same level for months or years and others break free of those plateaus and find incredible success?

Leslie Kuster is with us today - author of 7 keys to 7 figures for women entrepreneurs and a multiple seven figure e-commerce brand owner  and entrepreneur of over 30 years who found the secret to breaking out of her consistent 5 figure business to reach multiple millions.

Leslie is going to share three of her keys from the book with us today as well as talking about our money stories and why women often get stuck in the “Princess Tower”

Leslie also has a free e book for us called -7 sabotaging mistakes most women make. Which is an amazing resource and we get it for free over on her site – we’ve got the link in the show notes.

Whether you are just get started and still designing your business or you are a few years in and can’t seem to grow to your goals – this is where we help you get unstuck

Free eBook 7 Mistakes Most Women Entrepreneurs make and what to do instead!



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