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Episode 32 Season 3

Break the chains from your desk, and build a life of freedom "Out of office"!


Have you ever thought about just ditching it all and travelling the world instead?  


Life on the road, instead of chained to your desk answering emails and struggling with social media?


I know I have ☺


But how about travelling the world WHILE building your business?


Wait – is that even an option?


Kate is proof that it is and whether your ideal life includes travelling the world, or just getting away from your desk more, and enjoying your hobbies or family, this is the episode to help get you there.


We’re talking about how she built a business that allows her the freedom to chase summer around the world each year, and how you can build a business that supports your passions and truly design your life to fit you.


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Season Two and Three builds on the foundation from Season One, by featuring guest experts each week to help you build your business and bootstrap your empire, on a budget.

Stick with us and week by week, step by step, you will make progress you never dreamed possible. Marketing, planning, finance, strategy, networking, social media and every corner of your business that you never have time to really dig into, we'll be covering little by little, week by week.


We are here to connect, encourage, and elevate each other, as we build the businesses and lives of our dreams, for ourselves and for our families.

Kristy Carruthers

Founder of SHEcorporated

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