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Why is it essential to start your visibility journey as soon as possible


If I could start my journey over, one of the things I would focus on more is collaboration. Working with other people can be a great way to build relationships, increase visibility, and boost your own business. There are many advantages to collaborating, such as reaching new audiences, generating fresh ideas, expanding your network, gaining expertise, or creating new opportunities.


Additionally, collaborating with others can help you build your reputation, grow your credibility, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.


Step #1 Decide that you want to get more visible. How embracing this identity as a business owner will help you grow your business.


By making the decision to become more visible, you gain clarity of purpose and a clear direction for your efforts. It's important to start each morning by asking yourself, "What is one thing I can do today that will help me get visible?" Once you have that answer, make sure you do that one thing every single day. Being consistent in your efforts and staying dedicated to your goal of becoming more visible will yield incredible results. 


Step #2 Get clear on your topic. What is the #1 thing you want to be known for and how this is going to help you stand out.


When I first started out as a general virtual assistant, I had no idea how to make myself stand out. When I decided to specialize, everything changed. I chose to focus on one particular skill and worked hard to become an expert in it. 


The #1 thing you want to be known for should reflect your unique strengths and expertise, and be relevant to your target audience. Knowing what you want to be known for, will also help you create a consistent and focused message, and you become easier to identify and remember. People are more likely to seek you out and refer you to others as the go-to authority in your industry. 


Step #3 Feel the fear and do it anyway. Changing the focus from ‘me’ to the other person you could potentially help is key in getting more visible.


Fear will never fully disappear. Its intensity may lessen, but it will always be present. What helped me was to stop worrying about why someone should listen to me, if I might make a mistake, or what others might think. Instead, I focused on providing help to my potential clients. I offered advice, gave them clear action steps, and was confident that what I shared would help them either get unstuck or take one step forward. This enabled me to overcome my insecurities.


Step #4 You can start small and still make an impact. You don’t have to start by reaching out to the biggest businesses in your industry.


Business owners often assume that appearing on a top 10 podcast will skyrocket their business. However, they overlook the potential of a smaller show or collaboration with a smaller business owner who has a highly engaged audience. Starting small also has the added benefit of allowing you to refine your message, make mistakes and learn, and gain experience in a low-stakes environment. This will give you the opportunity to improve and be ready both logistically and emotionally when the opportunity to show up on that big stage arises.

Step #5 Work your way up to your Dream 100 list. This is your list of features/collaborations. How do you think your business will change?


While you work your way up to your Dream 100 list, you should focus on the impact that you can have on the people you collaborate with. Through these relationships, you can gain clarity and confidence, and strengthen your skills and knowledge, improve the way you show up and stand up for yourself and your biz. You will be able to tell inspiring stories, overcome difficult challenges, and make an impactful difference. As a result, you will start to see some of your dreams become a reality. 


My clients have achieved a variety of successes: appearing on TV, writing a book, giving a TEDx talk, and hosting events (online or in-person). The sky's the limit! Ready to start your visibility journey? Let’s go!



Nina Macarie is a visibility expert helping female entrepreneurs get more visibility and connect with dream clients through podcast interviews. She is the creator of the P.I.T.C.H. podcasts framework, helping clients pitch themselves to the right podcasts with ease and confidence in an authentic way.


After sending hundreds and hundreds of podcast pitches and also seeing what kinds of pitches are put out in the world, Nina knows exactly what elements to include in a successful pitch. Not only did she get amazing feedback from her successfully booked clients but she also impressed the podcast hosts to whom she pitched. Today, Nina’s mission is to help female online entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, consultants, and podcasters get an amazing first impression as they start spreading their messages on other people’s platforms.


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